Teaching Evaluations and Selected Student Comments

Abnormal Psychology: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment
(Spring 2008)
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Excerpts from faculty observations of Dr. Tanner's teaching

Students’ ratings of Dr. Tanner’s teaching (vs. mean rating for all Instructors) (scale: 1 = low to 7 = high score)

Course required hard work: 6.62 (5.48)
Instructor promoted class discussion: 6.89 (6.62)
Instructor provided personalized help: 6.88 (6.12)
Lectures/Presentations were clear: 6.67 (5.86)
Grade accuracy: 6.62 (5.93)
Course increased knowledge: 6.88 (5.86)
Pedagogical skill of Instructor: 6.68 (5.71)
Student rapport with instructor: 6.88 (6.37)

Selected student comments, What did you like best about this course?

“The Prof. was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the course. She was very approachable and wants students to succeed…Dr. Tanner is an excellent professor. She was highly prepared for each class and presented the material in an interesting manner.”

“Dr. Tanner has always been open to any and all questions and helps students even outside the subject area. She obviously cares about her students.”

“I loved the whole course. She [Professor Tanner) was great and made a difficult class fun to learn.”

“The Professor was knowledgeable about the subject and made interesting case connections. I enjoyed the class and the instructor was very helpful.”

“The personal attention to making sure the student does well. Thank you so much for helping me progress throughout the course.”

Adolescent Psychology (Fall 2005)
Boston College

Overall teacher rating:
100% of students responded that Dr. Tanner was “Excellent” or “Very Good” when asked to designate the “Rating instructor deserves as a teacher.”

What are the strengths of this instructor? Selected student comments:

“Very organized. Funny. Sensitive to student needs. Provides multiple opportunities to succeed. Fair grader.”

“Well-prepared. Good lecturer. Fair tests. Kind and cared a lot about subject.”

“Caring. Helpful. Organized. Punctual. Personable.

Additional comments:
“I really enjoyed the course with Professor Tanner. She was very clear in presenting course material and I learned a lot.”

“Good speaker (lectures). Keeps the class’ attention-interesting. Fair. Sensitive to our needs. Shows enthusiasm. Fun.”

“Knows the material well. Articulate. Organized. Very understanding. Cares for student needs. Very nice. Additional comments: I loved this course and Professor Tanner is amazing.”

Developmental Psychopathology (Summer 2000)
The Pennsylvania State University

Overall Teacher rating:
6.62 (scale: 1 = not at all effective to 7 = Very effective)

Selected student comments:
“The instructor. She went out of her way to help me and was very approachable and understanding. At first I thought there was too much work, but in the end it was worth it. I gained a lot of confidence from completing all of the work on time and doing it correctly. I will be taking away a lot from this course—knowledge and time management.”

“Instructor was knowledgeable and extremely good. Information was challenging but not overly so. Exams were very fair, knowledge was tested—not memorization. Small class led to more intimate discussion. Final projects were very fun and a valuable experience.”

“I like the diversity of teaching styles and high level of interaction. As the course progressed, I feel we’ve become really comfortable as a class, which facilitated a great deal of cooperative learning. I like the way Jenn adapted her style and she became better and better as the course progressed. I also appreciated the challenging nature of the exams.”