Selected Student Projects

The selected student projects exemplify the remarkable work that undergraduate college students contribute in courses which require them to use the knowledge they have acquired in class to bridge the classroom and world outside of academe. The educational goal of each of these projects is the same, to teach students material and to take advantage of the reinforcement of concepts and information that occurs as a result of translating, teaching, and transforming the material into a “product” that is useful to others.  Assignments are also designed to affect student development in the following ways: to help students find value in their knowledge by sharing it, and to demonstrate to students the applicability of their knowledge in the “real-world.”

Write A Review

Write a review of one media (i.e., a book, CD, movie, television series, or web site) that describes how it feels to be an adolescent or an emerging adulthood.

Student Examples
Review of Planned Parenthood Website
Review of "Felicity"

Dear Dr. EA

Dear Abby has nothing on Dr. EA when it comes to giving solid advice to emerging adults about anything and everything they need guidance on in their lives.

Student Example
Confused about major and career plans

Put your identity on a CD

Adolescents today grow up in a “mediated” world. Is it a coincidence that music consumption peaks during adolescence, the same era during which identity exploration emerges as a developmental task?

Student Examples
CD cover
CD song list

How to…

At a practical, every-day level, emerging adults must learn a variety of self-care and self-maintenance tasks. These tasks involve both emotional and psychological needs (e.g., coping with stress), as well as practical life tasks (e.g., folding clothes). As a college student, what is one thing that you had to learn how to do for yourself over the past year or past few years?

Student Examples
How to Live with a Roommate
How to Avoid Procrastination
How to do Your Laundry