Teaching Evaluations and Selected Student Comments

Abnormal Psychology: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment
(Spring 2008)
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Excerpts from faculty observation of Dr. Tanner’s teaching:

“Material was well-prepared and organized.”

“Dr. Tanner was able to convey information, but also led students to discover information in an active manner as well.”

“Dr. Tanner had established a respectful, supportive relationship with students. They were comfortable and engaged throughout while she still held their respect.”

“Varied methods of instruction set this class apart as a late night class that students appeared to enjoy while furthering their knowledge of disorder, the diagnostic process, and treatment issues.”

Major Strengths: “Organization, preparation, student engagement, equality, a well-planned course scope and sequence. Dr. Tanner was a supportive listener during presentations. Her comments and suggestions were clear, to the point, relevant, and respectful of the students’ egos.”